Asterisk Fun

I’ve spent the last half hour or so trying to fix my Cisco 7945 that;s on my desk at home. I’t s anice phone, colour display and cisco brick-like build quality. Howerver, I don’t think Cisco want it to work with asterisk. After much trialling and fiddling I have it registered (extensions nat=no) and making and receiving calls. Anyway, recently I’d noticed the MWI light not coming on when I had a message. Out going calls were ok, but it turns out that inbound weren’t. Not changed anything, other than wiping my router but I wasn’t forwarding ports anway so what could be the problem? Asterisk keept on logging ast_tcptls_client_start: Unable to connect SIP socket to xxx:port Connection timed out I pinged my ddns and indeed xxx was my ip, so why didn’t it work? Well after 30 minutes I realised that my phone was natting itself with the IP of my ddns as BT change it whenever I reboot my router. I’d neglected to add the DDN settings back to my router when I wiped it, so it complaining was entirely justified. Added the DDNS config in, restarted the phone and away I go

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