Hassio and ESXi

I’ve been messing with homeassistant for a while on the raspberry pi 3, it worked fine, but after a while and many automatons and connections, it began to become slow. I swapped out the sd card for a usb ssd which helped, but that was only a temporary fix. Eventually I got around to buying a cheap intel NUC. It’s a lot quicker. I stuck esxi on it as there’s a free version, and I want to consolidate my growing Pi collection.

Hasio works pretty well on the nuc, its a lot quicker than the pi. However the default disk size is ridiculous. 6gb. It wasn’t long before I ran out of space and had to increase it. This took a ridiculously long time to figure out. I tried to access the underlying OS, as HA runs in a docker container so I cant give it more space from that. After several days of messing around with SSH keys I gave up. I eventaully found a port that said to do this:

  • Expand the VMDK
  • Boot from GParted ISO (I had to change my bios to “bios” not “uefi” for it to work)
  • Expand the partition
  • Disconnect the iso, start HA

That was it.

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