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SMVI Frozen

Had a problem recently where SMVI backups freeze at 89% with the vcenter showing “Netapp create backup” for eternity. Due to the lack of logging until the task¬†actually¬†completes there’s no way to tell what it’s doing. After a bit of googling I discovered that it’s due to the “snapmirror update” option in the backup. The chances are it’s sat there trying to update the snapmirror, but your destination is too small or there’s another problem.


So far my free trial with Netflix has been less than magnificent. Many of the films I want are not there. Some new, some old, some neither. Actually, I’ve not watched a single film I’ve searched for. So far, the only things I’ve watched have been films that they have decided I would like. Which is fine. But I’d like to find films I want. Some example I tried that didn’t exist. “The Social Network”, “Office Space”. There are more, but I’ve forgotten. LoveFilm have them…. So I’ve cancelled. And LoveFilm is cheaper! Win

snapmirror problem “Transfer aborted: process was aborted”

Getting snapmirror problem “Transfer aborted: process was aborted” when you try to initialize? Try checking the amount of snapshots you have on the source volume. We had an issue where we already had the maximum amount of snapshots and the initialize could therefore not create its baseline one.

The error message is entirely useless and had a reasonable amount of information been provided by Netapp, this would not have take 2 days of investigation!

Delete a few snapshots and try again, it should be fine.

Invalid VirtualCenter or ESX Server IP address

Getting this error when you try to install snapdrive?
Please enter valid credentials.
Error: Invalid VirtualCenter or ESX Server IP address / Name, VirtualMachine xxxx is not part of VirtualCenter or ESX server.
Please enter correct VirtualCenter or ESX Server IP Address or Host Name

Is your VM in a vapp? It won’t work until 6.4 is relase. Remove it from the vapp and try again


update: 6.4 released now