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Looks like the website was hacked. Only a minor change to the title. Not entirely sure how it happened. Not a great deal in the logs, though I’m not sure when it happened either. Hoepfully I’ve fixed it now but we shall see!

6570b bitlocker tpm enable

I was having a lot of trouble enabling the TPM in my task sequence in SCCM for the 6570b. Using the biosconfigutility part of SP52095 I discovered that HP have for some inexplicable reason, changed the command to enable the TPM.

Activate Embedded Security On Next Boot

Activate TPM On Next Boot

To be safe, I’d do a /getconfig and makesure that everything else is right. They’ve changed a few other “Embedded security” tags to be simply “TPM” instead.

manage-bde device is not ready

Bitlocker was prompting me fro the recovery each time I booted. The solution to this is the following:
manage-bde -protectors c: -disable
manage-bde -protectors c: -ENABLE

However I was then told that the device was not ready when enabling it. The solution is to fire up disk management, assign a drive letter to the hidden partition and then give it a go. This worked for me and I was able to enable it fine. I then removed the drive letter.