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Force Nexus Android Update

Want to force your Nexus to update to the latest version of Android, yet when you check it constantly say you have it? One way to do this is to wait… the other is to go to Settings>Apps>All. Find “Google services framework”. Force stop it then clear the data. After that got to the check for updates page. It should say last checked in 1970. Check for updates again and hopefully it will be there. I had to do this about 5 times before it worked, so you may have to too


Received this today, 070 numbers are expensive!


As a result your application, I would like to invite you to attend an interview.

You will have an interview with the department manager, Jenny Wilson. The interview will last about 30 min.

Please bring three reference (If available), as well as a copy of your ID, e.g. Passport, Driving License to the interview.

Please contact me on 07064848722, in order to arrange an interview

We look forward to seeing you

Best regards

Charles Brown

Asterisk Fun

I’ve spent the last half hour or so trying to fix my Cisco 7945 that;s on my desk at home. I’t s anice phone, colour display and cisco brick-like build quality. Howerver, I don’t think Cisco want it to work with asterisk. After much trialling and fiddling I have it registered (extensions nat=no) and making and receiving calls. Anyway, recently I’d noticed the MWI light not coming on when I had a message. Out going calls were ok, but it turns out that inbound weren’t. Not changed anything, other than wiping my router but I wasn’t forwarding ports anway so what could be the problem? Asterisk keept on logging ast_tcptls_client_start: Unable to connect SIP socket to xxx:port Connection timed out I pinged my ddns and indeed xxx was my ip, so why didn’t it work? Well after 30 minutes I realised that my phone was natting itself with the IP of my ddns as BT change it whenever I reboot my router. I’d neglected to add the DDN settings back to my router when I wiped it, so it complaining was entirely justified. Added the DDNS config in, restarted the phone and away I go

Popping audio

Have been having issues regarding audio popping on my new PC with an SB Audigy (old!), Via HD and a logitech G930. Anyway, after running (edit this is better) for a minute you can easily see the peaks. They appeared to be random an no amount of disabling devices would help.

From here you can see the offending drivers. In my case it was the wifi and usbport.sys. Obviously, the usbport was anything that was plugged in to it, which then went into a hub full of devices. I switched a few devices around by moving them to different ports and updated all the drivers I could find. Seems to ahve resolved my popping issues at least.

I believe that PCI-e has a higher latency than PCI, so I’m assuming in the futre that this is just going to get worse, unless intel release a specific low-latency bus purely for things like audio.