Popping audio

Have been having issues regarding audio popping on my new PC with an SB Audigy (old!), Via HD and a logitech G930. Anyway, after running http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml (edit this http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon is better) for a minute you can easily see the peaks. They appeared to be random an no amount of disabling devices would help.

From here you can see the offending drivers. In my case it was the wifi and usbport.sys. Obviously, the usbport was anything that was plugged in to it, which then went into a hub full of devices. I switched a few devices around by moving them to different ports and updated all the drivers I could find. Seems to ahve resolved my popping issues at least.

I believe that PCI-e has a higher latency than PCI, so I’m assuming in the futre that this is just going to get worse, unless intel release a specific low-latency bus purely for things like audio.


Looks like the website was hacked. Only a minor change to the title. Not entirely sure how it happened. Not a great deal in the logs, though I’m not sure when it happened either. Hoepfully I’ve fixed it now but we shall see!

2003 P to V 100% CPU

I been ahving issues with a P to V recently where the CPU is pegged at 100% shortly after boot, making it impossible to login or do anything. I gave it more RAM and somehow managed to log in and fire up task manager before the madness started. I killed the offending tasks and had a look through the services to see which one was no longer running. It turns out that “HP Insight Foundataion Agent” was the culprit. I’ve disabled this along with al the other HP Agents and things seem fine. It was a pretty old version we were running, and it might be fixed in a newer one. However they serve no purpose now it’s a VM so disabling them is probably a good thing either way.