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EasyTagger Basic GPS

I was looking for a GPS attachemtn for my camera – a Nikon D5100 – and came accross this http://e-geotag.com/easytagger-basic-gps.html. The official Nikon one is about twice the price for some reason, and doesn’t appear to have that great reviews. I ordered it form China and it arrived within the week. I was impressed with the quick delivery. I’m currently waiting longer than that for my lens hood from Germany! Anyway, it was easy to install as all you need to do is plug the cable in. This was a little stiff and I was a little unsure if I had it in correctly. The camera detected the GPS immediately. I went outside to take my first shots and with a clear view of the sky the GPS was locked on in less than a minute. Looking at the photo on google maps shows it was pretty accurate. It looks to be about 2m away from where I actaully was. Impressive! The only issue I did notice was that it disconnects occasionally. I discovered that thi was due to the cable not being pushed in completely due to the aforementioned stiffness. An extra push has ensure that it keeps it’s connection. As to battery life, I’m not sure. I’ve not ahd it too long, and the camera is pretty new too so I’m not sure how long it would last without the GPS.

For $50 (plus P&P), I really can’t complain.