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SCCM OSD 80004005

I’ve been having a lot of trouble recently with this error. Running an OSD from PXE results in the error 80004005. Nothing specific in the logs other than that error message. I noticed tat if I disabled the install drivers part of the TS, then it worked ok. So clearly one of the drivers was a mess. After a lot of searching I found an article that basically said it was due to the entwork drivers. Now, WinPE includes network drivers, and if this drive is different to the one used by Windows itself, when the driver is updated it will cause a disconnection from the DP. This causes the error. The way around that I have found is to make the advertisement download the content lcoally. This means that it won’t disconnect from the DP, as it’s running locally. Why this is a problem I don’t know. Surely it should jsut try to connect again, but I guess not.

There is an article here on Windows Noob (very good site) http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1688-nic-devices-that-require-a-special-driver-for-winpe-may-cause-a-configmgr-task-sequence-to-fail/ that explains it a bit more