Galaxy S2 Comments

I ordered a Galaxy S2 and it eventually arrived. It’s pretty nice, but there are a few annoying things with it that I wish I could change

  • It vibrates when it’s fully charged and will wake you up at 3am
  • It’s length of vibration is too long for notification messages.
  • There’s only “silent” or “vibrate”. I have to turn vibrate off in the menu to have silent. I’d like vibrate > silent > noise
  • There’s no notification LED. Wtf?
  • The home screen is Screen 1, at the far left. It should wrap around to screen 7 when I move to the left, but it doesn’t.

Just little niggles, other than that it’s a good phone and I’m enjoying it a lot

Having used it for about a month now, and flashed new firmware and got a new launcher, i can say this is a great phone. Using launcher pro I have the home screens how i want, and the new firmware has stopped the random battery drain issues with wifi sharing. Now I am just waiting for 2.3.4


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