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BLN Galaxy S2

Finally someone overt at XDA has created a nice shiny kernel that has BNL support. You’ll need both a kernel that supports it AND a rom that does OR a hacked liblights that will allow it. I’m using stock rom, nimphetamine kernel, rooted, and with liblights. You’ll also need the app from the market. It works pretty well so far, however it does draw quite a bit of power. I think I measured a drain of about 150ma with the lights on. Less than the CPU uses but still significant. I’ve turned it off now as it draws too much power. Not much that can be done about that though I don’t think.

Hopefully the Galaxy S3 will have a notification LED. Samsung. Listen!

Galaxy S2 Comments

I ordered a Galaxy S2 and it eventually arrived. It’s pretty nice, but there are a few annoying things with it that I wish I could change

  • It vibrates when it’s fully charged and will wake you up at 3am
  • It’s length of vibration is too long for notification messages.
  • There’s only “silent” or “vibrate”. I have to turn vibrate off in the menu to have silent. I’d like vibrate > silent > noise
  • There’s no notification LED. Wtf?
  • The home screen is Screen 1, at the far left. It should wrap around to screen 7 when I move to the left, but it doesn’t.

Just little niggles, other than that it’s a good phone and I’m enjoying it a lot

Having used it for about a month now, and flashed new firmware and got a new launcher, i can say this is a great phone. Using launcher pro I have the home screens how i want, and the new firmware has stopped the random battery drain issues with wifi sharing. Now I am just waiting for 2.3.4